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I love Lisa’s patterns, I have a few and really like all of them. I’m almost finished with this one [Pleated Halter Top] and I only started it this morning. It came together really quickly and is absolutely darling…

My whole crochet collection is “Holland Designs”. I love the way Lisa writes her patterns, as well as the step by step and of course THE FINISHED project is always awesome!!!.

Very nice! You have just done your part in helping with the shortage of men’s crochet projects. These [Modern Mens Loafers] look like every man would appreciate a pair to wear around the house! I am bookmarking this page and plan to come back & buy the pattern to make my 3 grown sons each a pair…

I knit only because i never liked crochet patterns when it came to clothes BUT YOU HAVE CHANGED MY MIND. I LOVE YOUR PATTERNS and really want to learn to crochet now. I live in Wisconsin too! Wish you were around. Any chance you have a book out. If not you should really consider publishing one. Your patterns are the cutest ones i have seen! Thank you for more inspiration to learn another craft!

I’m a crocheter who refuses to knit, and I just wanted to commend you on your great ideas for patterns; having started with finger-knitting, I especially like the mock-knit ones, or how to knit without needles! I sure will be putting some of your patterns on my to-do list…!

…your patterns are so well written. I’ve bought a few patterns from others…but yours are the ones I always come back to. One of the patterns I bought from another designer was so poorly written I couldn’t finish. It’s a shame because the design is adorable..but I’ll have to re-write the pattern to get it to work. Another nice thing is that I never have to adjust my hook size for proper gauge…we must work very similarly when we crochet!

Yesterday I bought some of your patterns. And,,,yesterday I made a pair of the Cakewalk Slippers……… Your patterns are wonderful!!!! Your designs are cute and the way you describe the how to of it made it a pleasure to follow. Thank you.

…I’m a big fan of your crochet designs…I’m hoping to try a lot more of your patterns! Thanks so much for taking the time to create such beautiful designs!

I can always recognize your designs. They are beautiful and distinctive. I bought your baby shoes book at my local craft store. Lovely. Thank-you for doing a great job.

Oh my! I knit almost exclusively, because I can rarely find a crochet pattern I like – yours are fabulous! Mu baby granddaughter is going to get lucky!

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