Knit-Look Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

I always admire people who can knit!
It must take so much time & patience, I think.

Crocheting is so much faster and now with this quick & easy pattern, you can have the knit-look with less time. Simple stitches combine to form the ribbed cuff. So many knit items I see in stores have crochet edgings, so I also added very obvious crochet details to complete the authentic knit-look.

Choose your own yarn type and hook size with this pattern. Cuff may be made any length.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Pattern is written in standard American terms.

About Lisa van Klaveren

I am a crochet pattern designer, I have over 300 modern designs. I have also authored two books; Beautiful Baby Shoes and More Beautiful Baby Shoes

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