Mens Double-Ribbed Scarf

Crochet goes super manly and masculine with this warm, stylish ribbed scarf. Any man would love this scarf and love you for making it for him! :) Stitches combine to create a double-ribbed effect, making this scarf thick and warm. Scarf in photo is worked in dark chocolate brown, but scarf would look great also in navy, grey, or even striped (perhaps in his ...continue reading

Knit-Look Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

I always admire people who can knit! It must take so much time & patience, I think. Crocheting is so much faster and now with this quick & easy pattern, you can have the knit-look with less time. Simple stitches combine to form the ribbed cuff. So many knit items I see in stores have crochet edgings, so I also added very obvious crochet details to ...continue reading