It’s not the 4th of July!

It wasn't until I moved to New Zealand that I heard of this British holiday called Guy Fawkes Day. We don't do anything for it ourselves, but we do still appreciate watching some of the fireworks that light up the sky in our neighborhood. Well, let me clarify: Holland, age 4.5, loves them; Adelaide (5 months) sleeps through them; 2 year old Maddie cries and ...continue reading

Catch Up

I haven't posted in a couple weeks, so here's a little "catch up" on what we've been up to of late. At the end of September, we released the Holland Designs 2013 Amigurumi Calendar. (BTW, I love how spell-checkers never recognize the word "amigurumi". It's about time that word was added. I guess it is technically a Japanese ...continue reading

A Very Productive Day

This week is going to be super busy! I am finishing up work on a major design project (which I'll be telling you more about in my next blog stay tuned!) We are also gearing up to take an overseas holiday for a couple of weeks. I will be closing my Etsy shop(s) during that time, but patterns will still be available for instant download from ...continue reading

Celebrating 20,000 Sales on Etsy!

To celebrate this little milestone, we're having a BIG pattern sale! 48 hours only - Sept. 10th & 11th - SAVE 50% off all patterns! Redeemable at Enter code: 20000 at checkout to automatically receive the discount.   ...continue reading

Getting Things Done

Life is BUSY! I was told before having our 3rd daughter that it was nearly impossible to get anything done with 3 kids; 3 kids were so much more work than just 2. So, my goal has been to stay on top of things and get things done, even with 3 kids. This, of course, means being really organized! There's always room for improvement, but here are a few little ...continue reading