The Royals Visit Cambridge…and so do we!

Saturday, April 12, we traveled 2 hours to Cambridge, New Zealand, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate!

Here are a few photos from our exciting day and our momentary glimpse of the couple. 🙂


Waiting for the Royals – downtown Cambridge


The Royal Caravan Arriving

Prince William and Princess Kate

Our Glimpse of Prince William and Princess Kate

Our Glimpse of Prince William and Princess Kate


Visiting the War Memorial where the Royals laid roses.




On the way home after a long, but fun day!

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  1. Can I just say that you have three beautiful little girls. My granddaughter is Dutch and lives in Nieuw Vennep in the Netherlands. Her papa…my son being SCOTTISH has had his daughter speaking English since she could talk and her Polish mama helped her speak a little Polish. Although Dutch is her language she speaks beautiful English. Your daughters will eventually speak Dutch very well. Enjoy your beautiful family and your talents.

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