My husband has been telling me recently that I’ve been remiss in not blogging, so I must apologize for this. Life has been busy (isn’t it always). In the past few months, we enjoyed a visit from my Mom for a few weeks. Then our eldest turned 5 and started school. It works that way here in New Zealand; you start school once you’ve turned 5 (or anytime thereafter, before turning 6.) It isn’t like in the States where you begin at the start of the school year. Holland started at the beginning of the 2nd term and is off to a good start with reading and writing and all that early school years’ stuff.

Crochet wise, I have come up with a few new designs recently. I created a waffle stitch pattern which I’ve used to create a plush baby blanket and coordinating cardigan. I also created a drape front cardigan – a style which some love and others love less, but it looks really cute and elegant on my little girls. The most recent design I’ve created is my Emma Cloche, modeled by 1 year old Adelaide. This one uses a unique textured pattern, a bit different and yet a bit similar to the waffle pattern. What I’ll create next, I haven’t the faintest idea…I’ve just been working on a couple of blankets lately and that seems to have me occupied for now. Drape Front Cardigan

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  1. Kathryn Reilly Nussbaum :

    I love the saddle shoes and the pleated halter top . . . among many others! So hard to choose from so many awesome patterns!!!

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