Luxury Alpaca Yarn Giveaway

A few weeks ago, while visiting my LYS (local yarn shop), I purchased some beautiful 4ply (fingering weight) alpaca wool. It was a pricier yarn and I bought it completely on a whim, simply because I loved the pretty pink color so much. I used the wool to design this Knit-Look Lace Baby Blanket as a gift for a friend's new baby girl. The blanket only took 4 ...continue reading

Design Breakthrough

A few months ago I purchased this hand spun tweed wool from a trader on - our Kiwi version of Ebay. I often buy yarn second hand off Trademe, as there are some unique yarns for sale at very good prices.  I got 900 grams in total and knew I'd have more than enough to make myself a cardigan. I've designed many sweaters, tops and cardigans for ...continue reading

4 Year Anniversary

Four years ago, on July 7, 2008, Holland Designs was born. My husband, Gilbert and I often reminisce about that fateful evening and he always proudly reminds me how HE was the one who sat down at the computer and set up my Etsy shop. He had been wanting me to do it for a while, but my uneducated opinion at the time was that trying to sell crafts (or craft ...continue reading