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Occasionally, I take a break from designing to work on some handmade items for others. Here’s a look at a few projects I’ve completed recently and a few more which are still on my “to-do” list.

Firstly, I was asked to make my knit-look lace baby blanket for a lady from Canada who is expecting a baby boy in a couple more months. She wanted it in navy, and I was able to find a beautiful, soft, navy merino at my local wool shop. The blanket took 200 grams and measured approx. 28″ square, just the perfect size to wrap baby in. I adore how it turned out and really think this is my favorite blanket pattern at the moment!

Knit-Look Lace Baby Blanket

After finishing the blanket, I received a request from my sister-in-law to make a few fall/winter accessories for my 1 year old niece. I am immensely flattered by this request because I quite admire my sister-in-law’s style and fashion-sense and am excited that she wants to dress her little girl in some of my handmade hats, shoes, etc. She is into ivory and navy at the moment, so most of these accessories will be in those color-combinations.

Toddler Boutique Mary Janes – 12-18 mos

So far I’ve made my Toddler Boutique Mary Janes in black and ivory, plus my Knit-Look Fascinator Headwrap and Knit-Look Crocheted Cloche, both in ivory. I still need to make my Ice Princess Headwrap and Criss-Cross Mary Janes, both in navy and ivory. My little niece is going to be one well-dressed little girl! 🙂

Knit-Look Crocheted Cloche

Now that I’ve shown you a few of my handmade projects, I thought it’d be nice to do a handmade giveaway! I have this pretty “designer sample” Carnation Cloche to give away to one lucky winner. The hat is made using a soft cotton blend yarn in chocolate and pink. Fits approx. age 1-3 years. (My little model is almost 2 in this photo.)

Carnation Cloche – 1-2 years

To enter, please simply leave a comment on this post telling me why you love handmade (or a general comment!) 🙂 The winner will be announced in next week’s blog post and also notified directly via email. Good luck to all who enter. 🙂

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  1. I love pretty much all of your designs.. thanks for sharing them .

  2. Beautiful hat! Perfect for my middle daughter to protect her from the sun.

  3. Handmade things = LOVE! <3

  4. Gina Schaefer :

    I love handmade things made by people with love. Either love for the person they are making it for or love of the item/craft they are making.

  5. I love handmade because I know someone took the time to carefully select the materials and took time out of their lives to complete the work. Handmade all the way!

  6. I LOVE anything handmade. There is nothing that can compare. The quality, the heart and time put into it, and how it can be customized. There have been so many times that I have been on the search for some “look” that I have in my head, or a certain color but I can not find it anywhere. I make so many things for my girls and my nieces and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus I love hearing the pride in my girls’ voices when someone is oooing and ahhing over something I have made for them and my girls proudly announce “My mommy made it!”

  7. it is obvious that you love what you do. You are a very talented person who brings joy to others by creating such lovely patterns!

  8. I love your designs and making them. As I crochet I think about my babies(who are now in their fifties) and the memories are wonderful.
    Thank you for that.

  9. I love handmade because well who doesnt, its perfect and made with love and each item is differnt in someway or another which adds to its quality, You know that its not mass produced and love and care goes into each piece made just for you. I think it means more to me when its handmade and its something to treasure as you’ll always know that nobody else has the exact same thing. what a gorgeous little cutie xxx

  10. Karen Current :

    I love your designs and have ordered some which I am so looking forward to making. I really enjoy making things as gifts because I can taylor what I’m making to the person. Also, handmade gifts seem to be more appreciated since people know you took the time to create it for them. My grandchildren love it when they know I’m making something for them!

  11. Beautiful blanket and looks lovely in the Navy.
    All your designs are very easy to follow and sooo cute
    Handmade is the way to go.

  12. To me, nothing says “love” as much as something handmade. It shows that the person cared enough about you to invest their most precious commodity: time.

  13. I really like your patterns and have purchased several of them. 🙂 I love making gifts for my grandchildren and others. Just wish I had more time to sit and crochet!

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