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A few months ago I purchased this hand spun tweed wool from a trader on – our Kiwi version of Ebay. I often buy yarn second hand off Trademe, as there are some unique yarns for sale at very good prices. Tweed Wool I got 900 grams in total and knew I’d have more than enough to make myself a cardigan. I’ve designed many sweaters, tops and cardigans for babies and children, but nothing much for adults. I had always been a little tentative to try to design an adult-size garment. I just thought getting the fit right might prove difficult, but this cardigan has turned out so lovely, that I think I’ll certainly be designing more womenswear in the future.

To begin designing this sweater, I grabbed the measurements from one I wear all the time. I began by making the back piece to the same width and length as that of my favorite cardigan. I had originally intended to make this cardigan with long sleeves, but once I had the back and front pieces assembled and tried it on, I thought it looked lovely with short-sleeves. It is a great layering piece – perfect for all types of weather. It will be great in Winter worn over a long-sleeve t-shirt.

I found this cute little mannequin at our local mall the other week and it is proving very handy for modeling some of my neckwear and top designs. I love the little polka dots. 🙂

I listed this pattern for sale on Ravelry last evening and have had 2 comments so far:

“LOVE this!!!!” ~ Kristie

“Love this cardigan! It looks so professionally done! Love the knit-look!” ~ Debra

I really appreciate receiving feedback about my designs; It encourages me to keep designing. You can view more details of the Classic Ribbed Cardigan here. I’d love to hear your comments as well!

Classic Ribbed Cardigan

Classic Ribbed Cardigan – sizes XS to XXL

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  1. Lisa, you have amazed again:) LOVE IT!! So beautiful! I have been a fan for 4years and loving everything you do! Also giddy for me as I have no more newborns,seeing clothing for adults is nice for me:)

  2. This is beautiful, simple, and practical. I love it! Great work!

  3. Very lovely! I am so glad that you are venturing out into adult patterns!

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