Crochet Pattern Giveaway

Who wants to win a free crochet pattern from Holland Designs? Giveaway

I will be giving away 10 patterns, one to each winner.

Check out the form below to see the many ways you can enter this giveaway. You will see in the form that you can enter by telling me what your favorite pattern is, I have so many favorite patterns that I find it hard to pick just one.

Shortie sweater crochet pattern I’m most proud of my Shortie Sweater. It’s my top-selling design of all time andΒ  it is great for it’s cuteness and simplicity. I created this sweater for Holland to wear on aΒ  trip to Fiji, I found that it was so practical and got so much use.

Recently I received this nice comment from aΒ  New Zealand crafter, this really made me smile.

You are an amazing designer. Your projects are super trendy while still being extremely practical . I love them. I managed a yarn shop in Auckland for many years, and never saw such a beautiful range of crochet patterns pass through my shop in all those years. Thank you : )

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About Lisa van Klaveren

I am a crochet pattern designer, I have over 300 modern designs. I have also authored two books; Beautiful Baby Shoes and More Beautiful Baby Shoes

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  1. I think my favorite may be the men’s slippers. I have made my father many pairs over the years, but none are as stylish and nice as this pair.

  2. I LOVE the Crocheted Peasant Top – sooooo sweet!

  3. So many cute designs, where do I start?

  4. I like your designs, the Shortie Sweater is on my wish list! πŸ™‚

  5. Definitely the head wrap. So easy and versatile.

  6. I’m really excited to try the classic cardigan soon! I also want to give the shawl collared cardigan a go soon. They are both beautiful!!!

  7. I LOVE the shortie sweater!

  8. So hard to choose a favorite. I think I might would try the shortie sweater next. The knit- look baby bundler is one I LOVE.

  9. Hard to chose but I love the Shortie Sweater and any of the cardigans!

  10. I think all of your patterns are adorable but right now I think I like the Cuteness Cloche the best. πŸ™‚

  11. My two favorites to make are the shortie sweater and the ladies slouch slippers. If I win a pattern, I think I will pick your Playful Puppy Amigurumi:)

  12. Chelsea Howekk :

    I absolutely love your shortie sweater pattern! I just got your argyle vest pattern that I can’t wait to try too!

  13. So many lovely designs, I love them all!!

  14. Tamara Schroeder :

    So hard to choose, I love so many. I think the modern loafers are the ones I use the most though! Great for guy gifts!

  15. I love the men’s slipper pattern. We are having a handmade Christmas this year. It’s easier on our adult children…and fun lessons for the grandkids. I’ve been looking for a men’s slipper pattern that my modern sons-in-law and son would wear. Your pattern is perfect. Actually…I will be spending a lot of time shopping your site. Your patterns are so well-done that they look boutique rather than ‘homemade’.

  16. They’re all beautiful and so hard to pick just one. So one of my faves is the knit look cardigan.

  17. I love your patterns

  18. Amber Koahou :

    I love the Mia Tank!

  19. My great grand daughter would love the flower garden cardigan. love Carol

  20. I love the Secret Garden Party Dress so cute!

  21. I love your flower motif baby shoes. πŸ™‚

  22. Amanda Gregory Rog :

    Wow! It’s so hard to choose just one! I did love the Penny Loafer Slippers for Men. It was easy to make up and my father-in-law loved them! Now I need to make a pair for my husband! But I have made some many of your patterns and it really is hard to choose!

  23. Kassy Klinefelter :

    So many patterns that I love that I can’t choose a favorite!!!! All the booties have to be tops though!

  24. There are so many great patterns that it’s hard to choose just one. I would love to own the Victorian Shrug pattern.

  25. I love your modern designs! No more “frump” in crochet! I would like to try the classic baby cardigan.

  26. Jackie Ramsdell :

    It is hard to choose a fave pattern, they are all awesome.

  27. Caroline Holloway :

    I love all of your designs….you are so very talented. Thank for sharing this with all of us

  28. I love your designs! My favorite pattern is the ladies watermelon loafers!

  29. I had fun making the Baby Bundler in peach and green cuddly yarn for a new grand-niece. They turned out so soft and sweet!

  30. J'lisa Wise Miller :

    I love the Crocheted Aquamarine Tunic and will be making it for my new life — at the beach!

  31. I love all the toys but I think the baby monkey is my favorite!!

  32. Karin Pichler :

    I love most of your designs and many of your patterns are on my wishlist! I really would like to crochet the drawstring halter top!
    Send you my best wishes from Austria/Europe!

  33. I love the bow beautiful ballet flats and the Raspberry quilt. I have been making lots of baby blankets lately. πŸ™‚

  34. Elaine Sumner :

    You’re right, it is hard to choose just one favorite! But I really like the Flowered Headwrap Pattern. I hate having my hair in my face, and this looks like a pretty solution to that problem.

  35. Elaine Sumner :

    You’re right, it is hard to choose just one favorite! But I really like the Flowered Headwrap Pattern. I hate having my hair in my face, and this looks like a pretty solution to that problem.

  36. Abigail Hastings :

    I love all your patterns but my favorite is the autumn cardigan.

  37. Baydiizye Arevallo :

    Looooooove your patterns, so easy, practical and beautiful!

  38. Sherry Ylioja :

    Love your patterns! Hard to pick a favorite. πŸ™‚

  39. I have a lot of your gorgeous patterns. I adore the Ladies and Youth Strappy Slippers.

  40. Connor Baker :

    Love the cakewalk slippers

  41. leigh-Anne Guyette :

    My favorite is the classsic baby cardigan. I have made this so many times, long sleeved, cap sleeved, I even made it as a pullover! It is always a hit and will never go out of style!

  42. I couldn’t pick just one favorite either! πŸ™‚ Love the shortie sweater and victorian shrug! Both work up quickly and beautifully every time!

  43. Tammy Patterson Leisher :

    The shortie sweater is one of the first of your designs I crocheted .I also love the Emilie ear warmer and the knit look cloche.And there are several little slipper patterns I have tried also. This question is too hard!

  44. I love the Knit-Look Crocheted Cardigan!

  45. Budaful Creations :

    I love the moccasin pattern!

  46. Lovin’ The Modern Mens Loafers at the moment. I am making them for hubby in Dallas colors and they are turning out great!
    At Rav I am also Luv2CUSmile and you can see my project page… I just found the rav group too!

  47. I really love your designs and I am very much in love with this pattern :

    So I hope I am one of the winners <3

    Greetings all the way from Denmark


  48. i love the baby shoes:)

  49. Hi, I like the shorty sweater most but you have so many sweet things so it is diffecult to choose:-)).

  50. Wow, it is a hard choose. I am currently working on the knit look lacy baby blanket and I LOVE it so I will go with that.

  51. my favorite is the newest design from DW4!!

  52. don’t think i can choose just one to be honest lol,…i’ve made the mia beret heaps…as well as the knit look lacy baby blanket……shawl collared cardigan and drawstring halter sweater and modern baby boy loafers stand out for me… sorry im not much help am i lol…..i will choose the knit look crocheted fingerless gloves πŸ™‚

  53. Melinda Scott :

    I just checked my collection of your patterns and I have 16 individual patterns plus your lovely calendar. My favourite is the Lacy Lattice Baby Blanket for sentimental reasons…it was the first thing I made when I discovered my 4th and final baby was a girl after 3 sons.<3

  54. I had a hard time choosing a favorite, as you have soooooo many wonderful adult patterns! I finally narrowed it down to the Knit Look Crocheted Fingerless Gloves. πŸ™‚

  55. I love your patterns! I am really into dresses right now, so I would have to say the Peasant Dress.

  56. I already own so many that I love, but I think the Sporty Casual Baby Shoes or the elephant would be fun.

  57. I always look forward to every new pattern you create. I just completed Little Blue Dress, (mine is little pink dress), and even before it was done I was receiving compliments. Next in line are Classic Ribbed Baby Booties. Your patterns are classic and modern, harkening back to an earlier time, but still on trend. Love them!

  58. Christi Isaak :

    Love, love, love your beautiful, modern designs. I love to collet them!

  59. Lucinda Dutton :

    I love the Shortie Sweater!

  60. I forgot to say my favorite! Litle Blue Dress. (Until the next one…)

  61. I love your cable cuff baby booties. I have been selling them in my Etsy shop for the past few years, and they have done very well. They are so cute and practical!

  62. I made your headband for my girls a while back and just love it. Thank you so much.

  63. I made your headband for my girls a while back and just love it. Thank you so much. Would love a chance to have a go at another pattern

  64. I fell in love with patterns years ago.
    The one I liked the most was a tough choice, yet the LADIES KIMONO FLOWER SLIPPERS tickled my heart while reviewing the pics all over again.
    Keep the great work going! You are a true inspiration.

  65. Hi, I find it hard to chose just one pattern but the ribbed cowl crochet pattern for kids is my favourite soo far. I certainly come back for lovely baby boots en hats

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